Record Your Dreams With ‘Shadow’ App

How many dreams can you remember these days? How familiar is the feeling that you’ve had an extraordinary dream but the more you focus on it the faster it slips away? The new mobile application titled ‘Shadow’ aims to change all of that by enabling you to track and record your dreams.

There has always been an interest in finding out just exactly what goes on in our brains when we’re not thinking about it. It seems that the ‘Shadow’ app will help us to find out exactly what sneaky our subconscious mind is trying to tell us, or hide from us during our sleep.

The Vision

The interest in sleep patterns is by no means new to the scientific community. The neurology of sleep has been explored for years but scientists are no closer to discovering how our dreams and their content affects us in day to day life or vice versa. It’s known that we are able to access information during our sleep that we can’t during our awakened state. Unfortunately, 95% of that information disappears within 5 minutes of waking up. It is the opinion of many people that the benefits of remembering our dreams could range from increased self-awareness to acting as a self-guide through difficult times.

Shadow aims to build a real time data base of people’s dreams. By doing so, users are able to learn any patterns to their dreams. They will find out whether their dreams are affected by social, physical or environmental factors.

How It Works

In the basic sense, the Shadow app is an alarm clock. Yet instead of waking the user abruptly like a traditional alarm clock would, the app brings us round from the sleeping state at a reduced rate. On awakening the user will:

De-activate the alarm
Record their dream via audio recording or by typing the text into the phone
Shadow will store the recording in a dream journal which you can keep private or share with other shadow users.
Shadow hopes to enlighten people in self-awareness and explore the possibility of connection through dreams.