Developers Get Early Access To Windows 8.1

Microsoft have given in to developers and allowed them to have early access of Windows 8.1. The company had announced that they would receive the new release at the same time as everyone else but programmers raised an outry, as normally certified developers get early access to new versions.
However, Microsoft has now allowed developers to start testing and developing with the new version. This will allow them to make sure their own applications work with the updated Windows 8.1.

The developer community’s mood surrounding Microsoft’s change in how it released Windows 8.1 was an unhappy one  due to the fact that changes had been made to the appearance and the way programs can work with it.

One of the main changes in Windows 8.1 will be the partial reinstallation of the start button. Windows 8 was originally designed with touchscreen devices in mind so the start button was less prominent. In the new version, the user will be able to decide whether to stick to the touchscreen display or use the more familiar desktop control system, with a start button of course.
Whether these changes will change the mood surrounding Windows 8, we will have to wait and see.  It is due for release to the public on October 18.