IPad App Mem:o For Design Lovers

I bet you’ve been very busy with your iOS device. As it usually goes when a new version of iOS hits, users are also hit with a flurry of app updates. Everyone complains, but in a good natured way. Me, I am rather miffed as my iPad seems to be forever stuck in the restore loop. Whether it’s a fluke or the device is broken, I am going to have to do without playing with this new iPad app called mem:o that I discovered the other day.

At its core, mem:o is a journaling app, and we know just how much journaling is an inherent part of the average person’s life. Whether it’s a blog, a real paper notebook, Facebook, Twitter, or some other app, humans have this need to chronicle the things that happen in life – both the mundane and extraordinary.

What makes the iPad app mem:o brilliant is that it takes data to a different level – a visual level. (Cue cliche: a picture paints a thousand words.)

Using mem:o, you can create your own graphics and charts that detail practically whatever you want to include.

How many calories have you consumed this week? How many cups of coffee have you had? How much time did you spend on meetings? All these, and more, you can present in a visually-appealing chart. What you do with the data is up to you. Here’s a nice example of what the app can do.

Of course, the makers of the app did not overlook the social factor, allowing you to share your data with the rest of the world.

Here’s even better news: mem:o is currently free on the App Store, although there are in-app purchases (something which should not be an issue anymore today).

I’ve decided to wait for the iPad Mini Retina if the Apple Store geniuses cannot fix my iPad this weekend, but mem:o just might get the better of me. Seriously.