Welcome Back To Life, Simplenote!

Simplenote has been dubbed as the “first great notes app“, and in spite of a rocky recent history, it seems that its fans have not lost enthusiasm for the app. The notes app scene has not been idle, with many apps coming into the picture, but with Simplenote’s comeback, the classic app might just be the talk of the town again.

If you think about it, Simplenote may not be up to par with all the other notes app out there, especially with developers making sure their new apps can do practically everything. On the other hand, Simplenote does what it says on the tin: keep notes on a day-to-day basis. Simple. Plus syncing with the cloud.

Now, thanks to Automattic, Simplenote has been given a new lease on life. The app is now available on iOS, Android, and Mac. The main thing going for the app is that it was built to go fast, and again, stay simple. Users who lean toward all sorts of functionalities for their notes apps might have a beef with, for example, the fact that you can’t refresh or save your notes. They are, however, automatically synced as you go, so there is no need to worry about losing your notes.

Simplenote also allows collaborative editing, in the principle of Google Docs.

With this new launch, Simplenote is being offered for FREE. Premium features are going to be turned off – at least until the development team finds a “significant value” they can provide.

If you’re thinking why should you give up existing apps such as Evernote (which I liken to a notes app on steroids), here’s something from Matt Mullenweg that you can chew on: “You don’t open a letter with a chainsaw.”

That may be bordering on exaggeration, but if all you really want is a notes app that works – fast and efficiently without all the bling – then Simplenote is what you need.