Logitech G602 Gaming Mouse Has 1,400h Battery Life

A wireless mouse can be a gamer’s best friend as it allows more freedom of movement when your virtual in-game life depends on it. But what if the battery runs out in the middle of a crucial battle? What if there’s a delay between the commands and the onscreen response when you need to act quickly or it’s game over?
With the Logitech G602 mouse, the chance of anything like this happening is almost non-existent, as this peripheral device promises an amazing 250 hours of battery life in gaming mode. So basically more than 10 days of nonstop gaming.

The G602 gaming mouse can be powered by two standard AA batteries or by a single one, to make it lighter. With the two batteries, not only does it run for 250 hours in gaming mode, it boasts an incredible 1,400 hour battery life in endurance (non-gaming) mode. With only one battery, the up time will be shorter.
The G602 wireless mouse is the latest addition to Logitech’s G line and is equipped with 11 buttons which can come very handy during a game, as they are all assignable to frequent gaming commands, with the help of Logitech’s Gaming Software.
The device is also the first benefitting from the company’s impressive sensor technology called Delta Zero and offering up to 2500 DPI sensitivity. Users can easily switch to 250 DPI by pressing and holding down one of the mouse’s command buttons and the device will resume a faster speed when the button is released.
According to Logitech, the G602 mouse has slip resistant grips as well as primary mechanical switches that can withstand 20 million clicks. The company also says the device’s 2.4 GHz connection has a 10ft range and a 2 millisecond response rate. The G602’s USB nanoreceiver can also be stored inside them mouse for easy travel or safe keeping when out of use.
The Logitech G602 is available this month and will retail for $80, along with two gaming mouse pads: the G440 for high DPI gaming ($30) and the G240 for low DPI gaming ($20). What do you think of the new gaming mouse from Logitech? Is 2500 DPI enough for you?