Google Unveils The New Nexus 7

Google appears to have done it again with their new Nexus 7 tablet. It is a tablet that’s just about as good, if not better than, the market leader but far cheaper. The original Nexus 7, which pre-dated the iPad Mini by a few months, finally gave consumers an alternative to consider instead of Apple and at a very cheap price: just $199 for an eight-gigabyte model.  Google recently released a bang up to date and newly refreshed Nexus 7 and while it’s a little more expensive than the previous version, it is again a serious iPad contender.

The Nexus 7 is constructed around a seven-inch screen that is super sharp with 323 pixels per inch, which is better than the standard Apple set with its Retina Display technology. This means good quality photos look razor sharp and text is clean and crisp, being easy on the eyes. High definition video streaming from Netflix or YouTube looks awesome. Despite its low price the cheapest 16-gigabyte version sells for $229 through the Google Play online store. This is compared to the iPad Mini at $349. As you would expect, the Nexus 7 is built with excellent hardware, including a quad-core processor and two gigabytes of RAM.

The downside of this product are the cameras, they are not the best quality. The 1.2-megapixel camera for video conferencing is standard but the five-megapixel rear-facing camera for pictures and HD video is just standard. The tablet is however, lightweight at 290 grams and Google announced you can watch nine hours of HD-quality video or browse the web for 10 hours before draining the battery. The high-end version with LTE connectivity and 32 gigabytes of storage (which is not yet available for sale) is priced at $349. Compare this to a top spec iPad Mini at $559! To me, that seems like a great price for a great piece of kit, but you guys do the math and see what you come up with!