HP Chromebook 14 Is The First Chromebook With Intel Haswell

Say hello to the new HP Chromebook 14: Hewlett Packard’s new laptop is the first of the Chromebook series with an Intel Haswell processor.The UK model will only have 3G, but there is a 4G version available in US markets. Selected deals in the US can get consumers up to 200MB of data per month for two years on a T-Mobile contract.  On making enquiries to HP as to whether there will be a similar sort of deal with a 4G network here in Britain and the currently there isn’t.

The Chromebook 14 or Chromebook14, as HP themselves style it, has a 14-inch high-definition screen. Under the hood is a 16GB solid-state drive, with HDMI, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 connectivity and a combined headphone and microphone jack.  The  Chromebook 14 comes in white, turquoise and coral peach, which in reality is actually just pink, bearing in mind I’m a guy and I don’t really “do” colour palettes!

The Chromebook series is based around Google’s Chrome operating system. Examples include the hugely high-resolution Chromebook Pixel the Samsung Series 5, or the bargain £200 Acer C7. They do not have software installed on them like a normal laptop, instead they need to be connected to the Web and rely on apps that connect to the Internet, including Google apps like Gmail, YouTube, and Google+ Hangouts. You also get 100 GB of free storage on Google Drive to keep files, documents and pictures for a two year period.  The HP Chromebook 14 hits the UK shelves in November, starting at £250.