Is The IPhone 5S Getting A 64-Bit A7 Chip?

In less than two weeks, technophiles the world over will be glued to their computer (mobile device) screens, thanks to the Apple event that was announced earlier this month. Of course, the usual spate of rumors surround the event – from new iPads (or the lack of them) to iPhones.

Here’s a cool piece of rumor: the iPhone 5S might be getting a 64-bit A7 chip.
Might. Maybe. Could.

Who cares? Even if it does not come out to be true, the mere fact that there is a chance that the iPhone 5S will pack a 64-bit A7 chip is too good to be left alone.

The source of this speculation? Clayton Morris,  FOX News anchor.

Okay, so maybe  you’re not the biggest fan of FOX News, but hey, there might be something here. Naturally, the usual Apple suspects picked up on the tweet, and talk has been going around.

Why should users care if the 64-bit chip makes it to the new iPhone?
Speed and power, that’s all. ;)

Think about it. If the device has the power to process data at 64 bits, that means a lot of things. Fun things. If you think the iPhone 5 is fast and renders graphics wonderfully, just imagine a more powerful processor running those things. You probably wouldn’t be able to take your eyes off your phone anymore! (Not that that might just be the case at the moment!)

Whether or not the iPhone 5S gets the new chip, it seems that will be used in the near future, as Apple is said to have done tests. It’s just a matter of waiting it out.
In other news, it seems highly likely that we’ll see a gold iPhone and that the cheap iPhone might not be as bad as I fear(ed) it to be. September 10, are you here yet?