Six Reasons You Need To Learn Linux

It’s simple: you need to learn Linux. You’ve heard about Linux, you could even be a developer that knows “open source,” but have never used Linux as a server operating system or desktop operating system. Instead of pumping you with the usual Linux superiority reasons, here are six simple and strait-forward reasons you need to learn Linux.

6. It was used in The Matrix
I know you’ve seen The Matrix and let’s face it, it’s just cool. Trinity knows nmap. Some of the operating screens you saw were the Linux command line or GUI interface. Learn Linux and you’ll be able to do cool things like they did in The Matrix. Use Linux on your desktop and create one of the most awesome and unique desktop design layouts known to man. The flexibility is amazing.

5. It’s the last “real” community frontier
What do I mean by this? Simple, nearly everything about Linux is community driven. The software is free, and the initiative is to better the operating system. This means you can learn from other developers in the community and you’re never forced to buy the “upgrade” or “next” version of the operating system. It’s open, as long as you contribute to the community, it can contribute back ten fold.

4. It will increase your geek kung fu
Seriously, EVERYBODY is a “geek” now days. It seems like just using the internet now classifies you as a geek. Well, learning Linux gives you real geek credibility – it’s hard, it’s flexible, it’s open, and it’s primarily command line driven. Your friends running Windows or OSX can’t say that.

3. It’s the most popular server OS on the internet and still growing
Open source is a movement that started years ago but is only now really making inroads in the tech industry. Linux offers low cost servers that can run almost every major web development language available (even c# sometimes). With the availability of cloud computing, the Linux market share is skyrocketing. Know Linux and you’ll be a better freelancer or more “hireable” to potential employers.

2. It’s as customizable…as much or as little as you want
Linux is the open source operating system which all other major open source projects are built from. OSX is built off of BSD/Unix; Google’s Android operating system is built off of Linux; even new versions of Windows servers are being designed to run more lightweight like Linux.

1. SpaceX hires Linux administrators
If you’re not a space nerd, then you have no business here. Who wouldn’t want to work on the next generation of space flight?!