Airtel’s Bangalore 4G rings only on Apple iPhones

10 GB of data at 4G speeds will cost Rs 1,000 
Airtel has launched 4G services in Bangalore, but limited it to those using the latest Apple iPhones, the 5c and the 5s. India’s largest private telecom operator, says its services will enable users in India’s tech capital to stream high definition video with zero buffering. while these are 4G services, the Apple iPhone users have the added advantage of having to pay only 3G rates for the same.
Customers will have to upgrade to a 4G SIM to enjoy the higher speeds, but will not have to change their existing data plan, Airtel said. The company claims the speeds will be so fast that you can download 10 movies in less than 30 minutes and use the wi-fi hotspot features in these phones effectively connecting multiple devices to the network.
Customers on 2G/GPRS data plans/packs can opt for any of the 3G plans/packs available and enjoy 4G speeds, Airtel said. For heavy data users there is a new plan offering 10 GB of data at 4G speeds for Rs 1,000. However, remember that at 4G speeds, you can exhaust this limit within a few hours if not careful.
Incidentally, the company said that while data browsing will be on 4G network, voice calls will be routed on 2G/3G with the CSFB (circuit switched fall back) technology.