Firefox Phones Will be launched for $25 (~₹1550) in Developing Countries

If there’s one thing most all  know all too well by now, it’s this: smartphones are not cheap. And while they’re not cheap, there’s a reason most of us have them – and that’s because they’ve basically become an extension of ourselves. We do everything with our smartphones. They’re our video game consoles, our cameras, our mini-computers, and our lifeline to the rest of the world.

But sadly, not everyone can afford a smartphone. Some people can’t even afford a phone. You see, we’re used to paying high-dollar amounts both for smartphones and the data plans that come shackled to them – but a lot of people, in a lot of under-developed places around the world, can only imagine what it’s like to have a smartphone at their beck and call. All too aware of this issue, the folks at Mozilla are trying to do something about it and would like to level the playing field a little bit. That’s why they’re developing a $25 (~₹1550 (India))  Firefox smartphone for individuals in under-developed countries.  

Could This Be The Start Of A New Positive Trend?
Mozilla will be working with Spreadtrum Communications to make this low-end smartphone a very real possibility for people in the world who otherwise wouldn’t have the ability to own their own smartphone.
It probably goes without saying, but these Firefox phones obviously won’t be top of the line models. They will do basic things, like surf the web, etc., but they won’t be comparable to high-end models from companies such as Samsung and Apple. One of the main ways they’ll differ from other smartphones is in their size – they will be significantly smaller. I don’t say those things to be discouraging; I applaud Mozilla in that they have found a way to provide cheaper phones to a group of people around the world who can really benefit from them.