Learn How to Hide WhatsApp 'Last seen at' Time and Profile Picture from Other Users

WhatsApp for Android added most awaited privacy option for all who do not want to display information about when they last used the app.

This is the first impressive update of the WhatsApp after acquisition by Facebook, who has paid a lot of money in cash and stock to acquire it.

The Popular Smartphone messaging application WhatsApp version 2.11.169 will provide you more ability and control over privacy options i.e. Hiding ‘last seen at’ time, Profile picture, status updates from others, which are currently visible for all WhatsApp users.

Currently, these options are set to 'everyone' by default, that allows any WhatsApp user to find out exactly when you used WhatsApp for the last time, also reveals your image and Status message. Most of the times we don't want it to be shown to anyone or to non-contact users.

How to hide WhatsApp 'last seen at' time and Profile Picture?
WhatsApp now allows you to Modify your Privacy settings in three ways:

    Show to 'Everyone'
    Show to 'My Contacts'
    Show to 'Nobody'

To Apply, Open your WhatsApp Settings -> Account -> Privacy and here you can set your Privacy settings as you wish.

So, if you set all the options to 'My Contacts', then only your phone contacts can see your 'last seen  at' time, profile picture and Status, and no one else would have these visibility available.

The WhatsApp's Founder said in a statement:

    "There would have been no partnership between our two companies (Facebook and Whatsapp) if we had to compromise on the core principles that will always define our company, our vision and our product."

I wish, the company keeps doing great work for the users' privacy and Security.

How to Get the latest version before official release?
It is not known that the same has been released for other platforms or not, at the time of writing the article. The Latest version update has not yet rolled out via Google Play Store, but users can manually download and install it from WhatsApp's Official website.