Samsung Galaxy S5 looks set for MWC 2014 reveal

The new Galaxy should finally show its face later this month

Samsung has sent out invitations to an event on the opening day of MWC 2014, heavily suggesting we are in for the Galaxy S5's unveiling.
The company's invites advised attendees to prepare for its "new flagship product" at the February 24 gathering. The number five scribbled on the invite and a Twitter teaser image all but confirm it's time for the follow-up to the Galaxy S4 to show its face.
Samsung has a history of debuting its flagship products at Unpacked events, and this one appears no different. Of course, nothing is confirmed till Sammy sings the S5's name, but it's unlikely we'll see something like the Note 4 headline this Barcelona brouhaha.

Mystery phone
The Galaxy S5's release date has been the subject of countless rumors, especially since Samsung has gotten into the habit of throwing elaborate, one-off unveilings for its signature products.
However, a Samsung executive apparently spilled the beans last month that an MWC debut was in the cards, and other leaks have suggested as much.
Other rumors have had the Galaxy S5's showing up sometime in March in keeping with other Samsung phone releases, though it's impossible to ignore the snaky 5's on today's invites. We may see the company's Tizen phone in addition to the S5, as another set of invitations would have us believe.
Among the Galaxy S5's speculated features are an all-metal frame, a 64-bit processor, ultra-sharp screen (possibly even 2K), a new 16MP camera and, perhaps the furthest-flung of all, a retina scanner.
TechRadar will be on the ground in Barcelona to bring you all the latest from Samsung's event, including hands on with all products there. And as this is only Episode 1 of what will surely be other Unpacked events throughout 2014, you can be sure we'll be there to cover those too.