Look Less Of A “Glasshole” in New Google Glass Designs

Google has made a change to its Google Glass device to make you look, well, less of a “glasshole”.
The company has released four new frame designs which include: Bold, Curve, Thin and Split. The range has been named the Titanium Collection and actually look more like a normal pair of specs.

As far as looks go they aren’t too bad. What will be a positive for some people is that they can now come with prescription lenses.

The Explorer Edition of Glass is also getting two new additional shade options for the range: Classic and Edge. However, they will not come with the option of prescription lenses, making the $150 price tag seem a little steep.

 One of the biggest criticisms received about Glass is how odd and ugly they look. Google seem to have put some effort in to reaching out to more people with this product by not just re-vamping the look of the glasses but also by opening the way for those dependent on glasses for vision problems.
What do you think of the new designs? Would you be more likely to wear them?