How Useful Are Waterproof Smartphones?

Just recently my toddler managed to get hold of my smartphone and quick as a flash it was being held over a rather large bucket of water. At first I was rooted to the spot, frightened that any sudden movement would cause my little “angel” to let go. Thankfully her attention was diverted by the promise of some grapes in exchange for the phone and disaster was averted.

Perhaps you have experienced a similar situation; perhaps you haven’t been as fortunate and you have accidentally submerged your smartphone in a bucket of water, a swimming pool or even worse toilet water. If you have then I hope you heeded our advice on what to do in such a situation. Sony on the other hand has an alternative option for you – buy a waterproof smartphone. Of course its recommendation involves its very own Xperia line of handsets but the following infographic provides some amusing stats and information on why opting for a waterproof smartphone or tablet could be the best thing you ever do, especially if you are accident prone, are inseparable from your phone or like me, just have little ones that are ready to get their hands on your electronic devices at every opportunity.