Mc Afee's Anti NSA Device For Under $100 prevents tracking our Locations

John McAfee is a very unusual man.  He was previously employed by NASA, in the 1980′s he began developing software to combat computer viruses and in 1987 he started up McAfee Associates, his Anti Virus Company.  He is now 68 years old and still very active in the technology markets.  He is currently and for the last couple of year has been involved with bacterial quorum sensing.  The company QuorumEx‘s headquarters is in Belize.

After grabbing news headlines earlier this year while fleeing local authorities through the jungles of Belize, John McAfee is now back in the U.S. and preparing to take on another government agency, the NSA. Taking the stage at a tech conference in San Jose, California, McAfee announced Decentral, a still-conceptual device which will completely block the NSA and all other organizations from tracking your location and identity online all for under $100! It really looks like this guy does not like the idea of government agencies tracking him/us.

The anti-NSA gadget will reportedly work directly with iOS and Android smartphones within a three-block or quarter mile range. McAfee noted that he’s been kicking around the idea for a while, but recently was inspired by Edward Snowden to finally take action against government spying himself.

McAfee refrained from explaining exactly how Decentral might actually work, but noted that it will also fight crime by sending an alert when a crime is committed within its radius I am not exactly sure how that feature would work either but it is a great idea. The anti-virus king added that he fully expects the U.S. government to ban the device, and plans to market it around the world, including Japan, England and to developing countries around the globe.