Instant Translation Glasses For 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Japan’s NTT Docomo has sparked new excitement for the Tokyo Olympics by announcing that a 5G network 100 times faster than LTE and augmented reality glasses that can do instant translations, will both be ready by 2020.

These new innovations were displayed at the CEATEC 2013 event in Tokyo this week. The network technology is still early on in the development stage but it does reveal that NTT Docomo plans to deliver a very fast network with 1,000 times the capacity of LTE.

However NTT isn’t the first to announce plans for 5G. Huawei spoke of a similar super-fast network back in August and Samsung too has demonstrated 1Gbps wireless technology.

NTT hasn’t provided much detail about the network but apparently the firm is hoping to tap higher frequencies with small cells used to boost coverage in certain areas.

As well as the network, NTT Docomo also showcased augmented reality glasses which can instantly translate text. So far the translation time is five seconds but this is likely to improve as the technology is refined.

These would certainly be a useful tool for those visiting Japan in 2020 but they will need to be spot on to avoid embarassing and albeit hilarious mis-translations.

The glasses also have the ability to interact with a flat surface as if it was a touchscreen. It works with a specially designed ring that records and relays hand movements of the user.

It will be interesting to see how these two technologies enhance the enjoyment of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.