IMotion 3D Controller Could Replace The Mouse

Singapore based company, Intellect Motion started to design the iMotion 3D controller a few years ago with the hope of utilizing the controller to help in the field of sports rehabilitation. Sometime last year, the company started making moves to bring the controller to the Gaming world and have now announced the launch of a crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter. The small controller will allow people to replace their mouse and simply wave their arms to move the controller/character on screen.

The iMotion 3D controller straps to the hand and uses a combination of LED sensors, accelerometers and gyroscopes to track the movements of a player’s body and use the player’s hand as the controller. The team at Engadget had a little practice with the controller and found that after a little getting used to, the controller worked quite well with Angry Birds and a shoot ‘em up game.

One of the highlights about the controller is the fact that it can be used with any app or game without any special equipment other than the controller itself and the iMotion software that will come with it. Intellect Motion plan to release an SDK with the controller to enable developers of games and apps to tweak their products for a better user experience with the iMotion controller and game, making certain actions more precise for example.

Raising Funds

The developers of the controller are intent on bringing the controller to the public and are asking for interested parties to get involved with raising funds to complete development. People can help do this by pre-ordering the controller for $49 which will go towards the $100,000 target that Intellect Motion has set. Anyone who misses this offer will be able to purchase one for $59 (up to 2000 controllers at this price) and the final price for the 3D motion controller will be $79.