Charge Your iPhone By Hand

Mipwr, the mobile technology innovation group have been thinking long and hard about emergency power sources for mobile phones and they have come up with a solution that relies on years old technology. With the Mipwr case, you can protect and charge your iPhone by hand.
Dynamo Electricity
The team at Mipwr have used the 182 year old principle of Electromagnetic induction to enable people to use their phones in an emergency situation. Electromagnetic induction uses magnetic fields to control electricity. The plastic casing that will slip easily over the iPhone will contain a magnet. As the user pushes the paddle attached to the case, the magnet will be turned and begin to create an electric charge which in turn, gives the phone some juice (after the Mipwr backup battery that gives an additional 2 hours talk time has died as well).

Mipwr says that 1 minute of pumping or cranking will get the user 30 seconds of talk or text time. Although 30 seconds may not sound like a lot, in an emergency situation, it could mean a great difference in survival terms. Because of this, the company are marketing the product to:

  • Outdoor pursuit lovers who are at a higher risk of running out of battery and possibly needing to make emergency contact with somebody
  • Young people as a backup plan so that they can contact their parents
  • To be included in emergency kits in vehicles, aircraft etc.
  • As a backup plan in case of natural disasters
Easy To Use
Mipr have tried to keep the size of the case as small as possible in order to keep it light and aesthetically pleasing. The pump handle is concealed inside the case and can be pulled out easily whenever needed. The fact that there is a paddle makes it easier to charge the phone when necessary as users don’t have to fiddle around with a tiny crank trying to wind the charger up.

The Mipwr team are actively seeking financial backing at the moment through Kickstarter to get the charger case to production so that you can charge your iPhone by hand if you need to. With the effects of Hurricane Sandy still fresh in everybody’s minds, the Mipwr charger case could take off.