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10 Real Reasons to Switch to a Mac from Windows.

The Macalope recently trashed an eWeek article by Don Reisinger called Ditch Microsoft Windows In Favor of Mac OS X Lion: 10 Reasons Why. Since the article is so poor, I thought I’d write my own list, taken from over two-and-a-half decades of experience with computers, so here are …

10 Real Reasons to Switch to a Mac from Windows.

1. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you get an ecosystem that keeps all your critical things in sync easily.
Not to say that you can’t do this with Android, Google or 3rd party software, but Apple simply makes it too easy and adds music, apps photos as well, all wirelessly, via iCloud.

2. The hardware is excellent.
People may say “But it is just the same hardware in any other PC in a fancy case.” but do PC makers buy up all of a particular kind of laser just to drill microscopic holes in the case for a single light to indicate the camera is on? Can you find an Ultrabook as good as the MacBook air that doesn’t have serious compromises? Even if we’re not talking computers, just look how popular the iPhone 3GS is, still! Not only that, but …

 3. The hardware will last you 5 years.
Try getting parts for your HP or Dell in a few years. Good luck. Try getting up-to-date drivers for a PC notebook too. Good luck! With a Mac, you’ll be able to install the latest version of the operating system for at least 5 years, because, not only does Apple control both the hardware and software, but they have …

4. System software that is straight-forward.
No serial numbers, no activation. If you buy Mac OS X you can install it on all the computers you own and Apple doesn’t check. Un-intalling most apps simply means dragging them to the trash, as uninstallers aren’t needed. Even if you install, say, an internet plug-in, the files installed will all have meaningful names and you can easily uninstall most system add-ons by dragging their files to the trash. Even if you do buy a new Mac …

5. You can upgrade to a new computer or re-install the system and be up-and running quickly and easily.
You can re-install without wiping your critical data and all your apps will still work. Even if you erase the disk or are starting from a new machine, you have a number of options to import from an older Machine or hard disk via the Migration assistant. You do back up, don’t you? Regardless, on a Mac …

6. Time Machine will look after you.
Because not only does the system ask you if you want to use a disk for Time Machine, those backups can be used to migrate everything to a new install or Machine. You can be somewhat selective about what you want to import too. Of course, if you accidentally nuke an important file or files, you’ll be thankful you had hourly, daily or weekly backups, automatically taken care of in the background.
For iPhone or iPad users, backup is now done to iCloud as well, whenever you plug into the power, so you don’t have to worry about it.

7. Safety and security.
When you do need to re-install, it is usually because of a hardware upgrade of some kind. Rarely is it because of system problems, let alone malware, all of which definitively requires, like all programs, user permission to run.

8. You don’t get a computer not bogged down with OEM rubbish.
How often have you seen a brand-new PC loaded up by the manufacturer with loads of crap that you’ll almost certainly never use.  Then, even if you do put on a fresh copy of Windows, you don’t have much useful software, unlike Apple computers, which come with …

9. Most, if not all the software you need from the start.
With iLife and iWork free, you can do most of what you need to do right off the bat. Even if you do want or need mores software, you can get ..

10. Software that doesn’t suck.
Sure there is a huge ton of software for Windows, but how much of it doesn’t suck? Ever hunted for good software and had to bear bizzare and ugly user interfaces and ended up trashing the program anyway? This isn’t a problem in the Apple world, as if someone writes sucky software, because the user base is smaller, it doesn’t sell. Not to mention, with Apple’s App Store, all software is approved by Apple, so you know you’re not going to end up with rubbish, but instead, there are many apps out there written by people who love Apple and are deeply dedicated to designing the best software possible. Also, now that the iPhone and iPad have pushed software prices right down, even excellent software is quite cheap. Since use software is 100% of what you do with the machine, through the hardware, this is the most important thing.

Conclusion: "If you want to spend more money for the same result then get a Mac.  But unless you’ve got a business that heavily relies on graphics (Apple has historically made great design software and hardware) you should stick with Microsoft products."