Leap Motion motion control tech to be bundled with Asus PCs

With the Leap, from Leap Motion, developers will be able to create apps that can translate the movement of users' hands -- and even their fingers -- onto the screen

Leap Motion, which created an innovative gesture control technology that measures users' movements to an accuracy of a hundredth of a millimeter, has struck a deal to bundle its Leap device and app store with a series of Asus computers

Leap Motion has said that 14 percent of developers want to do gaming-related applications, while 12 percent want to use the technology for music or video applications, 11 percent for art and design, 8 percent for science and medicine, and 6 percent for robotics. At launch, the company plans an Apple-style app store, and more than 90 percent of developers asking for software development kits want to sell their work through such a store. All told, developers have proposed more than 40,000 different applications.