Antivirus Software to Protect Today’s Gadgets

Anti-Virus protection is important no matter what type device you are using. Despite what you may have heard, smartphones and tablets also need protection from viruses and malware. So it’s important to make sure that you have the right kind of anti-virus protection for your device. Several companies offer protection for different types of devices. Some even offer that protection for free

AVG offers an anti-virus app for Android smartphones. Simply called AVG AntiVirus Free for Android, it works on all versions of Android OS, v2.0 an onwards. It also offers you the ability to control your smartphone remotely, in the event that you lose it or have it stolen from you. It scans apps, files, settings, and protects you while browsing the internet. It also offers email filtering, in order to protect you from scams. Perhaps the best part is that they offer the app for free!

Don’t have an Android? Available in the App Store for iPhone and iPad is the Intego VirusBarrier iOS. For a one time app fee of $0.99, the Virus Barrier iOS scanner allows you to scan your files for viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and Mac OS X and Windows malware.
Maybe you are looking for something that can protect all of your devices. If you want just basic protection from viruses and software, Avast Version 7 offers it for free for your PCs, Macs and mobiles. Avast states that they are the world’s most popular antivirus protection, and further indicate that they protect more than 176 million devices. If you are looking for more than just basic protection and are willing to pay for it, they also offer enhanced versions Avast Pro Antivirus and Avast Internet Security.

Have several devices to protect? Norton 360 Multi-Device offers a security package for up to 5 devices. As the name suggests, it protects any combination of Macs, PCs and Android smartphones and tablets. Norton 360 Multi-Device also offers features like automatic backup and tracking and recovery for lost or stolen phones.