This Wristband From MIT Could Replace Heat/Air Conditioning

Here in the world, we spend a ton of money every year to heat and cool our homes. During the summer, our electric bills are off the charts due to using the air conditioner, whereas in the cooler months, they’re higher (unless you have gas heating) because of turning up the furnace. We constantly spend an awful lot of money just to feel comfortable in our homes out of the elements. And I have absolutely no problem with feeling comfortable in my home, but many are asking the question if it’s being “green” enough in this day and age.

A group of MIT students have come up with one of the smartest ideas I’ve read about in a long time. And,
since they hail from MIT, that fact shouldn’t be all that surprising. They’ve figured out a way to make your body comfortable without ever turning on the heat or the air conditioning in your home – all you really have to do is strap on their nifty little wristband, which they’re affectionately calling Wristify.

Wristify is a thermoelectric wristband that cools you off or warms you up depending on your circumstances. Using differing degrees of warm and cold bursts on a timed pulse, it’ll get your body to a comfortable temperature in no time at all, without your electric bill skyrocketing out of control.

A device like Wristify could make anyone comfortable in any environment, even if everyone disagreed on what the temperature of the room/vehicle should be. Why waste all kinds of money changing the temperature of our environment when all we really have to do is change our own temperature?

And this may be the best news of all – the working prototype only cost around $50 to create, and has already won first place at MIT’s MADMEC competition.

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