How to Change the Boot Animation on an Android Device

An Android device has a lot more customization opportunities than any other device available out there in the market. Even if you have not rooted your device, you can enjoy a number of useful apps from Google Play.

For you who have rooted your phone, there is just no limit to how far you can customize your device. On a rooted device, you have the control over all the functionalities of your device, including changing system files, installing root-only apps and changing boot animation. Yes, you can even change the boot animation that is tied to your telco/phone manufacturer.

What is a Boot Animation
It is the animated logo or a picture you see when your device boots up. Usually, you would see your manufacturer’s logo with some animation when you reboot your device.

The great thing about having root-access is you can change your boot animation. That means, you can replace your default boot animation with something of your choice. There are a number of boot animations available for Android devices that you can make use of to customize your device. Here’s how you can go about doing that:

Changing Boot Animation on Android
We are going to be using an app called Boot Animations that will help us change the boot animation on our Android device easily.

1. Head over to the Google Play store and install the Boot Animations app on your device.

2. Launch the app on your device.

3. When the app launches, tap on the “Server” section if you are not already there. This is where all the boot animations are available for you to install. Just tap on any boot animation on the list.

4. A menu should pop up with a couple of options for you to choose from. Tap the first one that says “Install”. It will install the boot animation on your device.

5. Sit back and relax, as the app will now automatically download and install the selected boot animation.

6. When it is done installing it, restart your device to see the changes.

From now on, when you reboot your device, you should see the boot animation you selected above instead of the one that came preloaded on your device.


Having a custom boot animation is one of the signs you are able to customize your device the way you want. It is just a starting point; just move forward and you will see lots of beautiful things that will definitely lure you to placing them on your device!