Google All Access Launched: Unlimited Music Streaming

The online radio streaming service niche does not leave much room for newcomers, but if the newcomer has big a name as Google, then the picture suddenly changes. Google has been known to enter markets that are already crowded, and with its propensity for innovation, it has also been known to make a big splash wherever it goes. This week, the online radio streaming service niche has been subjected to some rocking and rolling, thanks to the news that Google is readying its Spotify competitor.

Google All Access: Unlimited Music Streaming

We know that Spotify is THE name in the niche, but it is so like Google to take on the existing leader. Not only does Google bring its vast resources with it, the news is that the online giant has teamed up with music icons such as Sony and Universal. That ought to make the Spotify big boys think long and hard about what to do.
The Verge recently published an exclusive announcing that the Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment have signed deals – separately – with Google. This is in line with the new music service being hailed as the Spotify competitor.
No freebies
One thing that might concern some people is that Google’s music streaming service will be all about subscription and that there will be no free tier available. While there are no details about the cost of
subscription, it is logical to assume that the price point will not stray far from the usual $10 a month that other players charge their users.
What would convince users to go for Google’s Spotify competitor instead of sticking it out with what’s already known? Some features of the new music streaming service:
  • Users can see what’s going to play next
  • Playlists can be re-ordered
  • Users can search for (and listen to) specific songs
  • Users can explore music based on new or featured items (as well as preferences and genres)
  •  The new music streaming service will be cross-device compatible
Spotify user? Are you looking at trying out Google’s new music streaming service, or are do you need more to be impressed?