Winbot – The Window Cleaning Robot

Robots that can clean your house is not a new concept. Vacuuming robots like Roomba and Neato have become essential to many who despise the chore.  However, Ecovacs, a China-based company has taken this idea in a new direction. Winbot is an efficient, robotic window washing device and the world’s first window robot capable of cleaning windows of any thickness, even Thermopane windows .

How it works
The Winbot uses powerful vacuum suction to affix itself securely to the window while allowing it to move and clean simultaneously. To use, simply spray the washable fiber cleaning pad with its own specially formulated and recommended window cleaning solution, turn on the robot and place it on the window. Then just sit back while Winbot does all the work. The intelligent device will automatically detect the window’s size and determine a proper cleaning path for your window. Traveling in a zigzag pattern around the window, the machine washes, squeegees, and dries it to a streak-free shine.

Safety Features
To prevent falls, the Winbot is outfitted with dual suction rings. The outer ring contains sensors to detect loss of suction. If suction loss is detected the robot will then changed directions and select a new cleaning path. In case any problems should occur, the device will stop cleaning, flash and indicator light and sound an alarm.
For cleaning windows above ground level, the Winbot comes complete with a Safety Pod. The pod suctions to your wall and works dually as both a safety cord and an extension cord for tall or hard to reach windows. Other positive attributes of the Winbot are the rounded bumper made of extremely soft material on the exterior which prevent scratches on the glass, and the side rollers which protect the robot and the window frame.

Window Cleaning Robot

Prices and Availability
There are two models of the Winbot available. The standard model works on any window with a frame or apparent border and is priced at $299 (16020.42Rupees). The high end model, priced at $349, is equipped with border detection and is capable of cleaning glass walls, and frameless mirrors and windows.  Winbot was first introduced in China last year and is expected to be available for purchase in the U.S. this coming spring.