Tomb Raider 2013 Coming in March

The California based, award winning game developer, Crystal Dynamic is releasing the reboot of Tomb Raider on March 5th.

The Plot
The new game follows Lara Croft though a disturbing island after she becomes shipwrecked and discovers she has become stranded in an eerie land of mystery and horror. The start of the game portrays Lara as a typical, young girl. Weak, frightened and full of emotion, the game shows a vulnerable side to Lara, bringing her even to the point of sickness and tears at her first kill. As the game progresses, she faces terrifying people and creatures in gruesome and torcherous scenes. The player will become emotionally involved in her character from the start, and watch her grow into a hardened, willful survivor and a force to be reckoned with.

Camilla Luddington-the voice of Tomb Raider 2013

Tomb Raider 2013 Coming in March

Game Details
Tomb Raider will be available for gameplay on PC, Playstation 3, and XBox 360. The graphics and soundtrack are hauntingly stunning, setting the scene for an adrenaline pumping journey through the
beautiful yet creepy island.
The rebooted Tomb Raider introduces new characters that Lara will team up with as they fight for survival with a hunt or be hunted strategy. But this game has other aspects besides just wandering through skull littered tombs and killing off the psychos.
Gear and weapons are far from abundant, lending each one an individual importance. However, the gear is upgradeable by way of gathering and pillaging, adding another layer to the game.

Although the initial plan for the game was to be a single-player experience, it became clear to developers that a multiplayer mode would make the game even more awesome. While the single player mode is a captivating cinematic experience that stands on its own, the multiplayer option adds a fun and social element to the game. In multiplayer mode, gamers will play four against four, pitting survivors against scavenger, and offers 5 different mapped areas to discover.
For a little taste of what’s to come, check out this summary of the new game features: