Wammy Titan Review

Fancy a big smartphone but don’t want to shell out big price? Look at WickedLeak Wammy Titan. A 5.5 inch dual-SIM smartphone or phablet priced at Rs. 13,000. Sounds a perfect deal? Read further our comprehensive WickedLeak Wammy Titan review.

Looks and physical attributes of Wammy Titan

Does the design strike a familiar ‘note’? Ah, did I give away a hint? In any case, it’s a no-brainer.
Wammy Titan is strikingly similar to Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Just that the Samsung logo is missing on the top. The similarity ends with the looks, specs-wise and feature-wise they are super-leagues apart.
Wammy Titan boasts of a super big 5.5 inch QHD screen with 960 x 540 pixel resolution with a 240 ppi. As you power on the device, you would be surprised by the vivid, lively color it greets with. First impression is always good and Wammy titan does not fail on that count.

The device has a physical dimension of 144 x 89 x 1 2mm and weighs 160 gms. Titan is definitely not feather weight but with such a size, you don’t expect it to be right? There is a physical key on the bottom flanked by two soft keys one for the back key and another for settings. They have a soft white glow when touched.
Yes, no doubt the device sits big on one’s palm and might feel bit awkward in the beginning but as in my real usage I find we get used to the giant size in couple of days.
You have the standard button and port placements. On the right you got the power on/off button and on the left is the volume rocker. On the bottom microphone hole and the charging port. On the top is the 3.5 mm audio jack and another microphone hole.
In a typical Samsung Galaxy design cue, you have a chrome garnishing on the sides and rounded edges giving it a Galaxy Note 2 dressing.


Wammy Titan comes running on Android 4.1 Jellybean out of box. Thanks to JellyBean’s Project Butter, the interface is fairly faster and bit smoother sitting on top of the dual core 1.2 Ghz processor and 1 GB RAM, though nothing like the high end smartphones but then I would repeat again Titan belongs to a different category and in that it does good. There is a slight lag but it can be pardoned.
It comes with stock Android. On the notification panel you get quick access to Wi-Fi, bluetooth, GPS, Data connectivity, Airplane mode, General setting, sound mute, meeting mode, outdoor mode. Plus the notifications can be individually slided out and removed.
You have five home screens that you can crowd with your favourite apps and widgets. Talking about pre-installed apps it covers almost all the default Android apps from google that we find in all android phones. So you get the gmail app, map app, navigation, calendar etc. And ofcourse you got your sweet playground, Google Play to download further apps both free and paid.
WickedLeak has included an awkward stylus, which is best forgotten in the box. I don’t see any utility in using the stylus unless you wet your hands and want to tap on the phone.
Messaging in single hand might be little difficult if you have a small hand like mine. So you might have to fiddle with two hands. Otherwise, the keys are well spaced and ease to type. I especially liked the white background the messaging screen comes with. Quiet pleasing visually.
Jelly bean comes with the interesting Google Now, that Google bets on as on of its next big thing on Android OS. But I could not find it in Wammy Titan.

Browsing experience

The best things about phablets lies in browsing experience and watching videos. For the price, the big screen in Wammy Titan does not disappoint you.
Though the stock browser is better replaced with firefox, opera or chrome for faster and much better browsing experience.
The  slight awkwardness you find  using the device for calling becomes a pleasure when on browsing mode. The 5.5 inch big screen is big enough for accessing websites on your palm without being cumbersome to hold. The web pages open beautifully and reading is a pleasure. In case you need to pan and zoom,  you don’t notice any lag and its good.
The colors and sharpness of the pages are also better than I expected. On WiFi it does have a pretty decent loading time.

Camera, video and media features

Wammy Titan features a 8 MP rear camera with LED flash , auto focus , panorama and Burst feature. The camera is pretty decent.