Google Changes How AdWords Works

Google has made the announcement that its AdWords is getting a makeover, and has been rebuilt from the ground up, in order to fully accommodate the fact that for most of us, mobile devices are the way we access the World Wide Web.

Essentially, they’ve decided to make a bunch of updates that will make its ad tools more suitable for mobile technology.

The major, or most prominent change, is to see a much greater emphasis on location related mobile searches. The new changes were announced at the Google Performance Summit in San Francisco and followed the news that of the trillions of Google searches every year, over half are now made from mobile devices.

Google has claimed that searches made from mobile devices are currently growing 50% faster than in any other area, so this new direction makes sense.

Significantly, the move will separate desktop and mobile devices in the way AdWords operates for each type of device.

Advertisers will be given the option to make mobile the primary focus of their campaigns, and also allow them to set different bids for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.