Flipboard 2.0 Released

Current Flipboard users will flip for all of the new features that are included in Flipboard 2.0.  For those who are not familiar with the current version of Flipboard, it allows users to view content through magazine-style feeds.  The content can include a wide spectrum of things including items such as news articles, video, Instagram photos. Users clip the content and display it in a grid that can be flipped through as magazine pages.  When a user clicks on the content within the grid, they can view it in full detail.

Flipboard 2.0
However, the earlier versions of Flipboard didn’t allow users to bookmark content.  Also, earlier versions were less social. With Flipboard 2.0, users can make their own magazines with the content found on Flipboard.  Users can also edit their magazines with a new web-based tool that is also being
released in the update. Also in the newest version of Flipboard, users can share content more easily within the app as well as start discussions around the selected content.  Users will be able to comment on other people’s creations. Additionally, users will now be alerted when someone likes an item in one of their magazines.

Flipboard 2.0

Flipboard is growing.  Registered users have increased from 20 million in August, to the current level of 50 million users.  The expanded usage allows Flipboard to achieve a larger market share in the mobile and retail markets.  Flipboard has run ads in its app for over two years, including ads from publishers. Additionally, Flipboard has integrated products and product descriptions from Etsy. Flipboard users can complete an Etsy purchase completely through an in app browser window, simply by clidking on the “buy” button.  Additionally, Flipboard may be bringing additional retailers to the app in the future.  The upgraded Flipboard 2.0 is currently only available for iOS devices.  However, an upgraded version is expected to be coming to Android soon.